my first class reading

I visited the 1st and 2nd grade students at Trillium Charter School for my first ever class reading. I had recently met their teacher Aron Nels Steinke, who is a fantastic cartoonist and illustrator himself and he invited me to see how my target audience would like the picture book that I have been working on. It was so fun! The kids had a lot of comments and questions. There were lively discussions about the price of ice cream, favorite flavors and about the height that a single cone could realistically be stacked with ice cream. It got even better when Aron asked the class to design the cover page for me, since I hadn't done that part yet. I always adore kid's art and they had some great ideas. I was also impressed by the visual detail they remembered from just the one reading. Amazing. Those kids are so lucky to have Aron as a teacher. I really think teachers should get paid a lot more for what they do for our children every day. Thank you teachers!