my oz

Artshow time! I have worked super hard over the past 9 months to get this show together and I think it will be special. Opening night is this Friday December 9th from 6pm to 8pm and it will run until January 10th. The place is the Albina Press, 4637 N Albina Ave, Portland, Oregon. Its enormous white walls will be filled with lions, scarecrows, witches, flying monkeys, a poppy field, Kansas, the Emerald City and more!

The Oz of my childhood is quite different from the 1939 movie that most Americans are familiar with. My Oz was in a book called 'Der Zauberer der Smaragdenstadt'— the East German translation of the Russian version of the original L. Frank Baum story. This show represents my own interpretation of that Oz made up of hundreds of small wall-hanging sculptures and cardboard cut-outs.