pools of berlin

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am half woman, half fish. So I have been making it my goal to visit as many of the more than 60 Berlin swimming pools as I can. Here are the first 16, including such highlights as the columns and water spouting walruses of 1914 Stadtbad Neukölln, sound and light ambience at Liquidrom and the monumental architecture of the Nazi outdoor olympic pool. And then there are over 60 lakes to discover as well! Why spend any time on dry land at all?


kartonzukunft at endorphina

Endorphina is a bakery and cafe located in an enchanted Hinterhof off Elsenstraße in Neukölln. The warm hearted and energetic owner Katharina Rottmann opens her space every year to a number of participating 48hour Neukölln artists. Mykle and I are planning to build our cardboard civilization under the roof. We were so lucky to find this place! In several preliminary meetings, plans for sharing the space and collaborating with each others projects are hatched.

photo by Cassidy Curtis

photo by Cassidy Curtis

getting ready for kartonzukunft

Mykle Hansen and I will be part of the annual 48hour Neukölln art festival that takes place from June 14 to 16 in different locations throughout the Berlin district (or Kiez as they call it here) of Neukölln. The 2019 festival theme is Future III (Future Perfect Continuous Passive) and '“will look far out into the future in 2019, to a point in time when our near future already belongs to the realm of history”. Our project is to build, with the help of the public, a future civilization that is made entirely out of cardboard and simultaneously lead an archaeological excavation of artifacts of this future that is already in the past. So, step one: gather all the cardboard we can get our hands on, mostly using Mykle’s trusty cargo bike.


old masters

My daughter working on her portfolio to apply to art college got me inspired to pick up a brush again too. I decided to do Gesine versions of famous Old Masters paintings, which is a humbling experience to say the least. They are not called old masters for nothing! The really fabulous thing was that I got to see some of the originals in person at the Louvre in Paris and the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin.


big news

red+green blobs.JPG

This summer me and my family moved to Berlin! I had always wanted to live there and I finally made my dream come true. With all the moving out in Portland and all the moving in in Berlin I have not been making nearly enough art. That’s finally beginning to change and I started with painting these dorks on some IKEA boxes.