3 new spots for Puget Sound Energy. Once again I designed characters and environments.

2 more spots for Puget Sound Energy with my design. This time starring a distracted baby and a very large dollar bill. Again directed by the one and only Mark Gustavson.

The first 3 spots were so well received that they came back for more: another 2 spots for Puget Sound Energy that I designed. Directed by Mark Gustafson at House Special.

Three spots for Puget Sound Energy that I designed. Directed by Mark Gustafson at House Special.

Gesine's director reel. A compilation of my directing work. See Vimeo for a list of what the shots are from. 

Gesine's design reel. A compilation of my design work for animation. See Vimeo for my specific role in each spot.

Cookie Crisp: Flying Cookie. An attractive blend of stop motion (directed by me) and 2D animation (directed by Aaron Sorenson).

Cookie Crisp: Inflatable Cookie. I dreamed up this garden and directed the stop motion.

Small Car. Excerpt from an unfinished short film, set to and inspired by the beautiful music of John Lurie. Stop-motion and live action. Designed and directed by me.

House Mission Vol2. Some stop motion I directed in Germany. Old school fun.

Crayola: Color Your World. Commercial I directed for Nickelodeon. Made at Laika with the help of a bunch of children who came up with the awesome character designs!

Oxfam: Gift Better. Scarlett Johansson lends her voice to this commercial for Oxfam America. Directed by me at Laika.

Dairy Managment Cheese Board: Clay People. A no holds barred fight for a piece of cheese. Animation direction and character design.

Once Upon A Tide (excerpt). An educational film commissioned by the Harvard School of Medicine. Drew Takahashi directed the live action and I directed the animation. Narrated by Linda Hunt. Watch the entire film here: healthyoceans.org

M+M's Under Arrest. In France the m+m's get to be in hotel rooms with babes. Animation director: Gesine.

7 very short pieces about the Sunking. Interstitials for the LAIKA showreel, mixing stop-motion with CG and 2-dimensional animation. I designed and directed.